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'Recent developments in investment fraud and scams: Contracts for Difference ('CFD') spread betting and binary options and foreign exchange ('Forex') sometimes collectively known as 'forbin' – the UK experience', MPRA Paper 85061 (2018).

Recent Reports

'London house prices and the growth of offshore companies: 2006-15'. A short report for Transparency International on behalf of ProBono Economics (2017).

'Implications of the further liberalisation of capital movements on the Serbian system for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing', for the EU Policy and Legal Advice Centre II (2017).

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Newspaper Articles

'Hard and loanly', Scotland on Sunday, 27 November, 1994 (re building society scandals).

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Recent TV and Radio appearances

'Inside Out', 'East Midlands Today', both BBC1 and Radio Nottingham, 11 March, 2009, re boiler room share marketing fraud.

'BBC News 24', 22 February, 2008, re NatWest Three (Enron-related fraud).

'Auditing in Australia', ABC Radio National Background Briefing, 14 August 2011.

'What the figures really say about the financial state of the Royal Zoological Society of SA. ABC 891 Adelaide (Radio) 7 October 2011, follow up, 13 February, 2012.

'The role of the forensic accountant', Voice of Islam (Radio station) 12 November 2020.