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Forensic Accounting Services

Who is Professor Paul Barnes?

This is a specialist field of work which requires detailed knowledge and expertise. Professor Paul Barnes acts as an expert witness and consultant in the areas of finance and forensic accounting.

He was previously Professor of Finance and Fraud Risk Management at Nottingham Business School in the UK and is, or has been, a Visiting Professor at various universities in the US, Malaysia and Australia. He is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant (although not a practising member) an academic member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and has degrees in history and management science, with a Ph.D. in economics.

Paul Barnes and Associates Ltd is a member of a network providing access to experts in other areas such as IT, forensic psychology, finger printing, handwriting and forged document analysis.

What is forensic accounting?

"Forensic" means "suitable for use in a court of law". Forensic accounting is the investigation of financial information for use in a court of law related to fraud, claims and other disputes in areas such as insolvency, financial scams, divorce, insurance claims, theft, corruption, tax evasion and embezzlement.

Accredited Expert Witness

Professor Paul Barnes is an experienced and accredited expert witness offering forensic accounting services with particular expertise in financial fraud and scams in such areas as:

Paul Barnes and Associates Limited
Paul Barnes and Associates Limited

Expert Witness & Consultancy in Finance & Forensic Accounting

Professor Barnes has written a number of books and published many academic papers in a wide variety of journals in the UK, Australia and the USA, on various aspects of financial crime and related subjects.

He has been an expert witness in many high profile financial crime trials in the UK, mainly involving securities fraud and scams, stock market abuse and insider dealing/trading, forex, CFD and binary options trading and money laundering. He has also provided forensic accounting expertise in a number of civil actions and investigations and worked as a consultant to many organisations relating to money laundering and financial crime.

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Paul Barnes and Associates Limited

Case Studies

Paul Barnes and Associates Limited

Stock & currency market abuse, scams & fraud

Appointed to provide evidence concerning the promotion and sale of shares in fake companies to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

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Paul Barnes and Associates Limited

Forex, CFDs,binary options & spread bet trading

Appointed to examine evidence to support claims by investors that they had been victims of scams and defrauded by brokers relating to forex, cfds and spread bets.

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Paul Barnes and Associates Limited

Forensic accounting

Divorce: Appointed to value investments and investigate the movement of money relating to a claim that the other party had hidden away funds.

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Paul Barnes and Associates Limited

Money laundering

Appointed under POCA to investigate and quantify the movement of money relating to a claim that a fraudster had hidden away the proceeds of a crime.

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