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Case Studies

Forensic accounting

Disputes: Appointed to investigate the finances of a company which had dismissed a senior manager because it was alleged that he had mismanaged and bankrupted the business.

Insolvency: Appointed to investigate the financial records relating to the collapse of a successful property company and the transfer by its shareholders of some of its assets abroad.

Divorce: Appointed to value investments and investigate the movement of money relating to a claim that the other party had hidden away funds.

Money laundering and Proceeds of Crime (POCA)

Appointed under POCA to investigate and quantify the movement of money relating to a claim that a fraudster had hidden away the proceeds of a crime.

Appointed under POCA to examine and explain the gambling and other devices used to hide laundered money.

Forex, CFD, financial spread betting, binary options

Appointed to examine evidence to support claims by investors that they had been victims of scams and defrauded by brokers relating to the use of contracts for difference (CFD), spread bets or binary options to ‘bet’ on price changes in foreign exchange (‘forex’), stocks and shares, market indices, commodities and cryptocurrency.

Stock market abuse, scams & fraud

Appointed to provide evidence concerning the promotion and sale of shares in fake companies to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Providing expert evidence for criminal trials of fraudulent brokers promoting fake companies using false and fraudulent financial information to defraud investors.

Providing expert evidence for criminal trials in respect Insider dealing/trading involving the purchase of shares prior to the announcement of a merger bid: whether there was publicly available information at the time of purchase or whether the purchase was made based on inside information.